Optimizing dental health and/or the aesthetic effects of a natural smile

Dental crowns can be needed for a variety of reasons. A common reason is to protect a weak tooth from breaking, or to repair a cracked tooth. Some desire crowns simply for the cosmetic effect if desiring to cover stained or ill-shaped teeth. Crowns restore the shape, strength, size and the overall appearance of the tooth. Dental crowns are also used to cover a dental implant or support a dental bridge. Children who are at high risk for dental decay also need dental crowns to protect teeth from breaking.

Permanent crowns can be made from a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, gold or other metal alloys, resin materials, ceramic or porcelain that is fused to a metal. Children will usually get stainless steel crowns as this application is more cost effective, requiring fewer visits to complete the crown application. Metal crowns are probably more durable, with less wear and tear over time from biting and chewing. Older children and adults are more likely to want a porcelain or ceramic crown that can be matched to other teeth, making the teeth span look more natural.

Dental bridges do just that – bridge the gap between missing teeth. They are supported by natural teeth or dental implants. A dental bridge will help maintain the natural shape of your face and help with your chewing, biting and speaking. It will also help other teeth maintain their position.


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  • A few years ago I was having problems with a crown, Dr. Kinachi came in on a Saturday to take care of my problem. I have never had a dentist give me that kind of service before.

    Kim Schneir
  • This is very pleasant office to be in. The Staff are so friendly and welcoming it makes you feel comfortable right away, everyone is so down to earth and enjoys to laugh. I absolutely loved my experience . Dr. Kinaci is simply talented and amazing truly one of the best !!!! I am very happy and proud I am a patient and forever will be at this wonderful dental office. I know my teeth are always going to be in good shape while in the hands of Dr. Kinaci. ?

    Amber DeBord
  • If you have been putting off going to the dentist because of fear of pain, Dr. Kinaci is the dentist for you. He takes great care in making your visit to the dentist as pain-free as humanly possible.

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Kinaci’s for years and have always had 1st class treatment from the doctor and his staff…today was no exception.

    Mark Fabian
  • A few years ago I was having problems with a crown, Dr. Kinachi came in on a Saturday to take care of my problem. I have never had a dentist give me that kind of service before.

    Kim Schneir
  • I’ve always been treated with friendliness and respect. The staff is very professional and the dental care is top notch. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to my friends (and have done so in the past) and family.

    Patricia R.

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